February 16, 2018

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February 16, 2018

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10 Ways Hydration Affects Older Adults



As summer approaches and as temperatures rise, older adults are more susceptible to dehydration. In addition to water being essential to good health it is an excellent choice for quenching thirst on scorching summer days. Older adults are less likely to drink adequate water but have options in remaining hydrated. There are several ways to increase fluid intake:


Tips to Remain Hydrated

  • Have water readily available at most times

  • Keep water within their reach

  • Create a schedule to help them to remember to drink

  • Have options beside water available (tea, juice, milk)

  • If taking medicine, encourage them to drink more water than necessary to swallow the pills

10 Reasons Older Adults Should Drink More Water 
  1. Skin - it help skin remain soft, smooth and with elasticity - preventing wrinkles and dryness

  2. Kidney – it flushes waste from the body

  3. Weight Loss – drinking more water decreases the feelings of hunger and the need to overeat

  4. Brain – water improves focus, concentration, and efficient completion of activities

  5. Joints – drinking water helps to keep joints lubricated

  6. Digestive System - it prevents constipation by removing waste

  7. Cells – water help cells absorb and transport nutrients

  8. Bladder – it keeps the bladder healthy and prevent urinary infections

  9. Eyes – water prevents sunken eyes, dry eyes and long-term damage

  10. Body temperature – drinking water regulates body temperature


Other Ways to Hydrate

  • Other Drinks – juice, iced tea, milk, smoothie and coconut water

  • Vegetables –  tomato, lettuce, cucumber, celery, radish, spinach, cauliflower and bell pepper

  • Fruits – pineapple orange, watermelon, strawberry, peaches, cantaloupe


Not all older adults, including those living with kidney and heart disease, can drink an undetermined amount of water daily as some are restricted by their health care providers. Simple Health Education recommends that other older adults without limitations should drink adequate water and other liquids and eat foods high in water content to keep their bodies healthy during those hot days and nights of summer.  




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