September 4, 2018

Urological health is typically not at the top of the checklist regarding health and wellness for older adults. The older adult population usually thinks about heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, nutrition, or exercise much more frequently than their urological healt...

Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients that older adults need for good health. Not only should older adults eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to meet their nutritional needs but they should eat them based on color for specific benefits.

Red – for health...

As summer approaches and as temperatures rise, older adults are more susceptible to dehydration. In addition to water being essential to good health it is an excellent choice for quenching thirst on scorching summer days. Older adults are less likely to drink adequate...

February 21, 2018


Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV, is by no means a new topic of concern but it is a topic that should remain central to the health of the older adult population. Largely, older adults with HIV or at risk for HIV infection is an under-served and overlooked population...

February 16, 2018

The challenge of proper handwashing is the same for the youth as it is for older adults. The difference is when older adults fail to practice good handwashing, they are at greater risk for illness, disease and death. It is known that as the body ages, the immune system...

February 16, 2018

It is really very simple to help the older adult in your life to get much-needed exercise. As you decide to go for a walk take your older adult family member with you. Their physical capabilities may slow your pace but think of the substantial benefits to you and the o...

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Take Them When You Go

February 16, 2018

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