It is documented that older adults have greater difficulties with health literacy which is closely associated with poorer health outcomes. Health literacy is important for older adults so that they understand health information, follow instructions, participate in their health care, perform calculations and measurements, interpret numbers, and communicate with health care providers.    

As adults age they are at greater risk for illness, disease, hospitalization, and premature death. The good news is that older adults are not doomed to these health outcomes.  


At Simple Health Education we know that older adults are capable of developing health literacy skills to engage in prevention and to manage their health. As a result, Simple Health Education prepares older adults to make the best decisions about their health by ensuring they have the knowledge to make those choices.


The health education Simple Health Education provides is interactive, easy-to-understand, and is delivered to groups of older adults on site where they live, seek health care, socialize, worship, and gather. 

Simple Health Education


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Health Education for Older Adults and Caregivers of Older Adults